Soft Side Waterbeds and Hard Side Waterbeds

Waterbeds in general provide many benefits for individuals while sleeping. Waterbeds are designed to evenly distribute the water, creating an impressionable surface for the sleeper. The waterbed will conform to the shape of your body and reduce aches and pains in your back and neck.

A soft side waterbed has a particular waterbed mattress, surrounded by four foam sidepieces and then it is covered in fabric. A soft side waterbed is meant to look like a traditional bed with box spring and mattress. A hard side waterbed has a waterbed mattress, surrounded by four wooden boards, approximately 2 inches thick by 10 inches tall. The wooden frame is usually raised off the floor with risers and deck boards.

A hard side waterbed weighs approximately 300 pounds per foot of width and a queen size, hard side waterbed would weigh approximately 1500 pounds. A soft side waterbed weighs approximately half of this amount due to reduced water volume.

A waterbed's weight and pressure is evenly distributed making the risk of a waterbed falling through the floor extremely rare. Every waterbed manufactured today should easily meet your home's building code. However, if your waterbed or home is of older design, it doesn't hurt to check your home's building code to determine its maximum weight capacity.

Unlike traditional beds, waterbeds may require a waterbed heater to maintain a comfortable bed temperature. Due to its increased insulation, soft side waterbeds cost less per year to heat than hard side waterbeds. The choice is ultimately yours as to which type of waterbed is best suited for your needs. The best thing to do is research each type of bed to find out the prices, quality and sizes which suit your preferences. Once you have found a bed which you think is perfect for you, make sure you consider the size and weight in relationship to your home. If all seems right then go ahead and purchase - but only if you're sure. Purchasing a waterbed is a big investment and one that should not be taken lightly.

Once you have purchased a waterbed, consider other accessories that will enhance your sleep even further. Waterbed sheets and covers are a great way to accessorize an already wonderful bed.

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