Stearns and Foster Mattresses

Stearns & Foster (a division of Sealy) has a long list of mattress models (approximately 26) grouped by firmness levels: firm, plush, pillow top and euro-top / euro box-top. The sophisticated names of these mattress models, including the Dovercourt, Edenbridge and Kingsthorne, embody the luxury and quality that are the trademarks of the Stearns & Foster brand.

Stearns & Foster mattresses are constructed using heavy gauge coils cushioned between layers of 2 ½ inch thick convoluted foam, wool and motion dampening fibers, encased in ultra-soft ticking. High-end models include memory foam, cashmere fiber layers and ticking made of Egyptian cotton or damask.

Stearns & Foster will likely produce the type of mattress to suit your needs perfectly, regardless of the style. If you suffer from any type of aches or pains while you sleep or if you simply want to enhance your quality of sleep, a Stearns & Foster mattress may be the perfect way to do so. It is your job as the consumer to make sure you are purchasing the type of mattress that is going to be most effective for your body. If you're unsure, don't hesitate to ask for a salesperson's professional opinion. This way you're guaranteed to find an effective mattress.

Stearns & Foster mattresses do not necessarily cost any more than other mattress manufacturers, but some of their styles do cost more than others. Styles which are specifically suited to relieve aches and pains will cost more than a normal mattress because of the impact it will have of your quality of sleep. The better quality of mattress, the more expensive it is going to be.

If you are looking to purchase a mattress, but aren't sure which type will best suit your needs, you may want to consider Stearns & Foster. There are so many types of mattresses to choose from that one is bound to suit your needs perfectly. Research all the styles to ensure you purchase the best possible mattress to suit your body, so you can get the rest you require.

Other mattress brands include: Sealy, Simmons, Serta, Nation's Pride, King Koil, Select Comfort, Tempur-Pedic and Spring Air.

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