Toddler Beds

At around 2 years of age most toddlers will have outgrown their crib leaving their parents with one of two options: buy a twin bed or a transitional bed. The transitional bed or toddler bed is usually a successful choice because its smaller, more proportionate size makes it easier for the child to adjust from their familiar crib to the eventual "big kid" (twin sized) bed. Making this adjustment as easy as possible is critical when changing the type of bed your child sleeps in. Keep in mind, it may take a little while before your toddler becomes fully comfortable with their new bed, which may mean a few sleepless nights for you.

A toddler bed should have side rails to safeguard a child at night, when they are most likely to fall out of bed. Toddler beds are either high off the ground to deter climbing or low to the ground to prevent injuries in the event of a fall. For further safety, toddler beds should be made of non-toxic materials, and in the case of wood beds finished with a non-toxic stain or lacquer.

When shopping for a toddler bed there are a few points to keep in mind. There doesn't appear to be a standard size. Most toddler beds measure approximately 54" long by 30" wide by 27" high. Due to this lack of consistency it's advisable to buy your toddler bed frame and mattress at the same time to ensure all components are guaranteed to fit. Secondly, all toddler beds have a weight limit usually 50 pounds. Based on that number the toddler bed could be in use for a short period or long period of time depending on the child's rate of growth.

Choose your toddler's bed very carefully. The bed you choose for your toddler can prevent injury, but can also have a great impact on the quality of sleep your child receives. More sleep for them, more sleep for you! Take as much consideration into their beds as you would your own, if not more

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