Toddler Bedding & Children's Bedding

Toddler bedding and children's bedding are designed not only to fit smaller mattresses, but also to stir young imaginations and interests using a variety of themes. Popular bedding themes include sports bedding, cartoon characters bedding (like SpongeBob Squarepants), movie or pop stars bedding, video game bedding, educational bedding, princess bedding, firefighter bedding, animal bedding and much, much more.

When selecting toddler and children's bedding, stick with natural fabrics, such as cotton. It is softer and more comfortable on delicate skin as well as being the most "breathable" and moisture absorbent fabric. Since the sheets are the closest to the body, it's important they don't have any detailing on them, which may potentially irritate the skin.

You can also have a lot of fun with the pillows on your children's beds. Pillows can be fun and creative and add a whole new element to your bedding for a fairly low cost. Pillows come in all shapes and sizes and if they are too big or too small to be slept on they can simply be thrown on the floor when it comes time for bed.

Sheets should be well fitted to make it difficult to remove or become tangled in them. Cotton or flannel sheets are best for winter because they provide warmth in the cooler months. For the summer months, it's important to have lighter sheets in order to cool off when it gets hot.

As for comforters and blankets, they should provide proper warmth without being too heavy. Safety and comfort should be a priority over style. Make sure the comforters and blankets do not have detailing on the part of the bedding that will be closest to the face. This can irritate the skin and potentially causes rashes on your child's face.

Most of all have fun with your children's beddings. The more creative and fun the designs are the easier it will be to put your children to bed. Let your children pick out a design of their own and make them promise that if you buy it they will go to bed at a certain time. This way, you both win - they get the bedding they want and you have an easier time putting them to bed after a long day of work.

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