Under Bed Storage

Under-bed storage containers are designed to provide inconspicuous additional bedroom storage. Also called under bed drawers, under bed baskets, under bed bins and under drawer boxes, these containers should be short enough to fit easily under the bed, usually no more than 6 ½ inches high. Of course, beds that use bed risers have more available space and can use larger containers.

Under bed storage containers come in many available styles: plastic, wood, wicker, with/without rollers, with/without lids, clear for easy viewing or solid for increased privacy. Regardless of the style, all should be lightweight and equipped with handles to allow the container to be easily pulled out.

These storage units are designed to hold clothes, toys, papers or any other items that you would like hidden from plain view. The more storage room you have in your bedrooms the neater, cleaner and less cluttered your room will appear to others.

The following is a list of positive and negative points associated with plastic and wood under bed storage devices:

Plastic - Plastic is relatively light and easy to move. It will withstand spills or other forms of liquid, should there be a spill. The problem with plastic is that after a lot of wear and tear it seems to crack and break. That said, plastic may not last as long as other materials.

Wood - Wood can be relatively heavy and is not as easy to move as plastic. Wood will also mold when it comes into contact with liquid, but it will withstand wear and tear a lot more than its counterpart.

Ultimately, the decision is yours as to which material is best suited for your needs. Wood tends to cost more than plastic because it is known to last longer. The more high-tech your storage unit (wheels, handles etc) the more it will cost, but the better quality and more efficient it will end up being.

If you are thinking of purchasing under bed storage units, you can find them at any online store that sells beds or bedding materials. Chances are, you will find them at any department store as well.

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