Visco Elastic Mattresses

Visco elastic is a material that was first designed by and developed for NASA. The foam was used to relieve pressure on astronauts when experiencing G-force upon exiting the earth's atmosphere. Why did the astronauts need a special foam for this purpose? Because Visco elastic foam is five times denser than regular foams.

The benefits of Visco elastic mattresses

Used in much the same way as was originally done with astronauts, Visco elastic mattresses relieves pressure on the body's surface and joints when resting. A temperature-sensitive product, Visco elastic foam reacts to body heat by softening and molding itself to the body's shape - and reshaping when the sleeper moves.

In a movement similar to gel, it is the open cell structure of the foam that allows the free flow of air circulation. In turn, the free flow of air helps to keep a consistent mattress temperature, distribute weight evenly and generally gives the sleeper the feeling of floating on air.

Not all foams accomplish this - Visco elastic differs in the way the foam compresses. Traditional foam compresses, but wants to spring back immediately, while a Visco elastic foam mattress spreads air into the surrounding cells, providing the cradled, supportive feeling Visco elastic is famous for.

Furthermore, by keeping the body in an anatomically beneficial position throughout the entire sleeping or resting period, Visco elastic mattresses help to reduce the tossing and turning that so many people experience at night.

In fact, because of Visco elastic mattresses unique pressure-relieving properties that assist and improve circulation and help to reduce pressure sores, many medical institutions, osteopaths and physiotherapists endorse and recommend them to their patients.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty

The first consumer manufacturer to produce and sell Visco elastic mattresses was Tempur - it is also the most famous Visco elastic mattress brand and one of the most expensive. Today, there are numerous companies that make and sell Visco elastic products, but of course, they are not all equal.

How can you determine whether the foam mattress you're looking to buy is high-quality Visco elastic?

Why is Visco elastic foam so expensive?

Visco elastic foam is more expensive than traditional foam for a couple of reasons. First, it is a labor intensive product to make - there's a lot of work that goes into making foam that's five times denser than traditional foam!

Also, unlike many traditional foam products, Visco elastic foam does not use any harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process. Many traditional foam manufacturers use formaldehyde, which can cause reactions in people with sensitive skin and it smells bad as well.

Did you know...

Visco elastic mattresses can reduce common ailments, such as sleep deprivation and fibromyalgia?

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