Waterbed Accessories

There is a large selection of waterbed accessories designed to prolong the use and durability of your waterbed.

No waterbed should go without a safety liner, which is a special vinyl liner that contains water in the event of a leak. Safety liners need to be carefully positioned to guarantee full leak protection. Waterbed rail caps are required to provide a padded edge for getting in and out of a hard side waterbed. Waterbed rails caps are available in sets of five or three or sometimes just 2 pieces. In addition to different materials and filling density, waterbed rail caps come in a wide variety of colors to complement the bedding and bedroom decor.

Fill and drain kits contain an electric pump and hose to easily and quickly fill or drain a waterbed. Many kits include attachments: puddle scoops for suctioning small amounts of water off flat surfaces, brooms for sweeping and trapping water and an impeller for forcing water in a specific direction using pressure. Repair kits are perfect for patching small punctures or tears in the waterbed mattress. It includes a fast acting adhesive and either a roll or pre-cut patches of vinyl. Simply apply the adhesive around the tear and place the patch over top - ensure you press firmly.

Waterbed conditioner should be used once every 4-6 months to keep the bed's water free of bacteria and algae. This conditioner is very important in maintaining your waterbed. If you do not keep the water clean, it will start to smell and will eventually ruin the bed.

Vinyl cleaner should be used monthly to clean and protect the waterbed mattress and keep the vinyl supple. Unlike household cleaners (which should never be used on a waterbed), vinyl cleansers are non-abrasive and mild. These too are very important products and are essential in the maintenance of your waterbed.

These are essential items when it comes to the overall protection of your waterbed. Waterbeds are a large investment, which you will want to have for many years to come. That said, take the few extra minutes and use these accessories in order to keep your waterbed in the best condition possible.

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