A waterbed is a type of bed in which the mattress is filled with water. Waterbeds evenly distribute body weight and relieve pressure points, while properly aligning the body. The main reason people change body positions over 60 times a night is to move around in order to ease their pressure points. With a waterbed's cushioning and "weightless" support, many people are able to maintain a deep, restful sleep throughout the night.

Waterbeds have other health benefits as well. For asthma and allergy sufferers the vinyl mattress of a waterbed eliminates the dust and dander trapped in traditional beds. People with arthritis or back pain usually find that the soft body contour of a waterbed provides proper body positioning and support. The heat, used by waterbeds, offers additional therapeutic benefits by improving blood circulation and easing joint stiffness.

Another main advantage of a waterbed is its durability. Traditional beds deteriorate over time, the mattress sags and the box springs break, resulting in lost support. A waterbed, on the other hand, will hold its shape and provide support indefinitely.

The health benefits of this type of bed should be reason enough to buy a waterbed. To enhance the quality of your sleep even more than a waterbed already does, consider purchasing bed accessories as well. Waterbed sheets, waterbed mattress covers and mattress pads will maximize the quality of sleep you receive. If you cannot afford all of the accessories, don't worry, purchasing a waterbed on its own will enhance your quality of sleep by up to 100 percent.

Waterbeds are available in standard bed and mattress sizes including twin, double, queen and king sized beds. The size of your waterbed will determine the price, along with the make and quality of the bed. Surprisingly, waterbeds do not cost any more than a normal high quality bed.

If you have any of the health problems discussed above or if you simply wish to get better quality sleep, consider purchasing a waterbed. These types of beds last longer than any other form of bed on the market and provide exceptional quality of sleep on a nightly basis.

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