When to Buy a New Mattress

A mattress is designed to last 8-10 years. However, it is not unusual to buy a new mattress prior to 8 years, especially if the mattress is of mediocre or poor quality. Sleeping on a poor quality mattress will result in sore muscles, headaches and fatigue from lack of sleep.

If you think your mattress may need to be replaced, but are unsure if it's necessary, take at look at the following points that illustrate the physical signs of a poor quality mattress:

As the condition of the mattress deteriorates so too will the quality of sleep. There are several signs which indicate poor sleep quality:

Waking up and not feeling rested can have a great impact on your daily life. Lack of sleep can potentially cause your normal work habits to deteriorate because you're always tired on the job. It can also affect your emotional health and cause you to become moody and irritable.

A mattress can cost anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars up to a thousand dollars or possibly more, depending on the style. If you are having trouble sleeping it's best to purchase a new mattress. This will greatly improve your quality of sleep. If you really prefer a good nights sleep you can also purchase mattress accessories such as mattress covers or mattress pads, which will enhance the quality of your mattress.

As sleep quality directly impacts overall physical, mental and emotional health, it is advisable to buy a new mattress and replace a dilapidated mattress as quickly as possible.

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