Wood Beds

A Wood bed is used to describe any bed made of wood that is of generic style or custom design. However, it is not uncommon for bed manufacturers and bed retailers to refer to any bed made of wood as a wood bed; despite the fact the bed may be of sleigh bed, canopy bed or platform bed style.

There are different species of wood beds to choose from, each with its unique benefits. Dark toned woods include mahogany, walnut, rosewood, cherry and teak; medium tones include beech, hickory, cedar, and maple; light tones include ash, birch, oak and pine The wood grain is also a consideration, as it is unique to each type of wood: the grain can be uniform or irregular; it can have straight, wavy or curly lines; it can be faint or pronounced; and it can feature distinct shapes and unusual patterns. The use of stains, lacquers and veneers will enhance the wood bed tone and emphasize the grain. Or the wood can be painted a solid color, like black, for a rich, luxurious feel.

Certain wood types are better suited to some styles of beds than others. For example, an oversized, ornately carved sleigh bed would look very attractive in a dark or medium toned wood. On the opposite end, a light toned wood, like oak or birch, would better complement a canopy bed with delicate posts and silk curtains. Of course the type of wood bed and bed style selected will depend on the size and decor of the bedroom.

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