Wrought Iron Beds

Wrought iron beds are no longer mass-produced in the U.S. The process is too expensive and complex. Wrought iron beds are expertly heated and shaped by a blacksmith, but the technique takes years to perfect. The results, like any piece of art, are one of a kind, but it is a labor intensive and costly process.

Contemporary, retail-bought wrought iron beds are actually made of light steel finished to imitate wrought iron. More than anything, it is the intricate, beautiful designs associated with wrought iron beds that are popular rather than the actual materials used.

Wrought iron bed designs can be as simple as vertical or horizontal bars or include elaborate details such as vines, roses, interlacing knots, geometric patterns, lattices and much more. The overall result should be seamless and all connection points should be clean, not obvious.

Rarity is what makes these types of beds so popular. People love one-of-a-kind pieces of art and a wrought iron bed is just that. No two wrought iron beds are ever the same, which makes them very appealing to many individuals. The detailing on these pieces of art take hours to perfect, but when they are finished, they look truly amazing.

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